Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TV, TV, and Food

In an effort to avoid reading about the Gini Index and how it relates to this problem I am working on (the connection is not obvious, why do software writers suck at documentation??), I thought I would make a quick post about TV, TV, and Food.

TV #1: I am glad Clark is gone from ANTM. Man, she was annoying. She took one good picture the whole time, and she was a small-minded girl who talked shit but couldn't back it up. I hope the people back in her "small town" who would [paraphrase] totally judge the crap out of Isis judge the crap out of her for kissing a girl earlier in the season.

TV #2: While I kinda like some of Kenley's clothes in Project Runway, I wish she would leave already. She is soooooooo whiny!! GAR!!! I used to like her until she became a whiny little beotch! Damn girl, take your criticism with grace, please. I like the other three's stuff better anyway, so why didn't they just kick her out already???

Food: Today I tried a Gyro from a local establishment and was VERY disappointed. See, I lived once in a place where there was an abundance, ABUNDANCE of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. The gyros, kebabs, dolmas, koftes, tabbouleh, etc. were all fabulous. This was not. And I fear I will not be able to have a real gyro again for a long time, if that's the best this town offers. Bleh. This makes me very sad.

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