Sunday, October 5, 2008

The City and the Pooch

I spent this past weekend in The City. I think it's pretty funny how wherever you are, The City is the biggest, baddest city around, but when you compare relative big bad cities, they each seem to almost compete for the "The" moniker. To be the biggest baddest city ever.

So anyway, I will leave it unsaid which big bad city I went to, but I had a good time. Family, friends, beer, and football....another way to easily make PhizzleDizzle happy. However, one way to make me unhappy is for my team to lose. Which they did. GRRRRR!!!!!! All my shouting at the television didn't seem to make them play any better, for some reason! I can't imagine why not :).

Anyway, I think with the unlimited sushi on Friday, the beer and bar food this weekend, I'm up 5 pounds. Excellent. It's a good thing I've got a Mr. PhizzleDizzle already and I don't have to care :). Regardless, it is worth it. I love my poochie!! It needs feeding and sometimes it deserves treats (though maybe I give it too many). Plus, as mentioned before, I'm a food slut! Which means overall I eat well and will live long to continue to take good care of my precious poochie. Because it deserves love, not hate. That's right girls, my advice for a hot body is to


That's the only way it will love you back.

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