Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was over at Ambivalent Academic's blog post, who was inspired by Dr. Isis's blog post, and has now inspired this post. See, because of the cornucopia of lady-parts discussions in the blogosphere today, I realized that today, I have used the following words:
  • cooter
  • vajayjay
  • hooha
  • twigs and berries
Why do I do that? I'm not a prude like Elliot from that show Scrubs, who can't say anything that she wouldn't say in front of her mother. My personal favorite euphemism of hers is "bajingo," her word for exactly what you might expect. Somehow, it just sounds right.

Anyway, I am not a prude. IRL, I am happy to say any sorts of real words in place of euphemisms.

I suspect that it is because of Candid's recent post about the search terms people got to her site with. I don't want people coming around because they are looking for ways to feed their porn habit. So....I guess I will stick with the euphemisms for now.

Because in all reality, I really do like the word "bajingo." Has a nice ring to it. I happen to like mine, and will never stick thumbtacks into it :).

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