Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Which My Husband is Hilariously Sheltered

The hubster grew up totally sheltered and forced to do things like play his Musical Instrument for hours at a time, kick ass at school, and not watch any TV. Unlike my childhood, which, though sheltered, was not quite so strict.

So basically, he doesn't know anything about pop culture pre-2000 or so.

We are pretty into crossword puzzles, and his lack of knowledge about basic pop culture is a serious handicap to him, and he's always asking me for help on some clues.


Hubby: "What's 'Lucy's landlady'? I think it starts with an E and ends with an L."

Me: "Ethel. You know, from 'I Love Lucy'."

Hubby: "What is that, a show?"

Me: ".....You've never heard of 'I Love Lucy'??"

Hubby: "I think I'm getting it mixed up with another Lucy. Wasn't there a Lucy in the Jetstones or something?"

Me: ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! "JETSTONES????"

Hubby: "Or maybe....wait, no, there was like a Lucy in that cartoon, right?"

Me: "What cartoon?"

Hubby: "The one with the dog?"

Me: "You mean Snoopy?"

Hubby: "Yeah! Snoopy, that's it."

Seriously, how does a human like my husband even exist? Seriously. I love him. He's so sweet.


Mrs. Comet Hunter said...

ROFL!!! My hubby was pretty sheltered in his childhood too (and by that I mean he spent his time outdoors playing sports and not in front of the TV). We've had many conversations that were similar to yours.

Case in point: he's never seen the Star Wars movies and he's just getting into Seinfeld now.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Oh wow!! Lots of us science girls seem to have sheltered husbands. My husband discovered Seinfeld in college (long after it had started) and became obsessed with it. It's the only pop culture he knows now :).

But not having seen Star Wars...wow, that's impressive :).

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

LOL, my relationship is the other way round, the inevitable differences caused by growing up in different countries six years apart not withstanding. Mr E Man often shakes his head at stories of my geekiness when I was a kid. (I watched my share of TV, but spent more time studying and playing music etc. than him - he did the bare minimum at school and partied a LOT more than me). We've tried to imagine how we'd have got along if we'd met when we were that age, and both agree that it would have been a disaster!