Friday, October 10, 2008

Politics, Running, and My Dad

I've noticed many of my posts are kind of stream-of-consciousness. As I externally examine my "blogging process" what I will often do is make a title, and then proceed to write about something else entirely, and then eventually get around to the subject I originally intended. And then I might go back and alter the title so that it works.

Today, I am trying to make the title match before I start, but I have already failed and done exactly what I just described. HAHA!

Anyway, today's subjects are 3 (tenuously) related things.

1) Sarah Palin makes me want to poke red-hot poo-laden pokers into my eyes.

2) I read in Runner's World yesterday that she has done a 3:59:56 marathon. This IMMEDIATELY made me consider running a marathon for the sole purpose of kicking her ass, even though I have never done more than a half marathon. But the thought is percolating...Anyone else want to join the "Beat Sarah" brigade?

3) Yesterday my dear father called me to ask how I felt about the economy. What could I say? It sucks. Mr. PhizzleDizzle and I have lost a crap ton of our meager savings, though we are "staying the course" and riding it out. My dear wonderful dad then launched into a tirade about W, and how much he's a blithering idiot and how the damned GOP has fucked up all this shit. I am so glad. If my parents were Republicans I think I'd want stick red-hot poo-laden pokers into my eyes. Again.

4) I've been wondering this for days now - what the hell does it mean to "field dress a moose"? Seriously, who the hell cares if this is something she can do? Because I don't even know what poo it means.

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