Thursday, October 2, 2008

Power Naps

Today, I am pleased to announce that I retain the power of the Power Nap.

In college, which I only vaguely remember as a series of problem sets, lectures, and work, I perfected the power nap. I had one particular course which was an hour and twenty minute lecture, right after lunch, beginning at 1:30. The fact that I usually slept like, not at all, plus the food coma aspect made me exceedingly droopy eyed during class.

I tried sitting in the front row so once so that I would be too scared of the professor to sleep. It didn't work. I head-banged like a champion that day. How embarrassing.

My solution was the leather couch. There was a leather couch, slept on by countless sleepless college students before me, that was right outside where I ate lunch. Around 1:10, I'd pound a half a cup of coffee. At 1:15, I'd go to said couch, set my alarm for 10 minutes, and sleep, soundly, beautifully, wonderfully. At 1:25, I'd wake up feeling like a champion. It never failed me. Some people can't do the power nap, they must have at least 45 minutes to have any effect on their sense of well-being. Not so for me.

Today, I was ready to die at my desk. I have not taken a power nap in quite some time. I was not sure if my increasing age would affect my abilities. I tried it. I put my head down.

It's been about...I dunno 15 minutes or so, and I again feel like a CHAMPION. Ready to keep rewriting those damned scripts.

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