Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Tipsy Post - Man's Job??

I am high on crappy beer because I bought crappy beer because it was cheap and the economy sucks. I may be posting (unwisely?) tipsy like Dr. Isis but I'm sure she had better shit than I. I'm ashamed to even say what it was.

I am watching some show on TV in which they follow around the Parking Authority. It looks like the bastard sibling of COPS. Kinda sad. There are two women driving around putting boots on cars, and they are talking about how "People say booting is a man's job". Wtf? Putting a boot on a car is a man's job? Why? It makes no sense to me. Their boss is like, "The female booters, they may be small but they pack a punch, you know what I'm saying?"

I can't, in my tipsy state, quite explain why this perplexes me so, but it does. To me, that's like saying writing books is a man's job. It seems like a totally gender-neutral endeavor to me, and here they are facing shit from people. Someone enlighten me, what does being a booter have to do with gender? I don't get it. If people are all gender-ified about that shit, then what the hell hope do we have for science and engineering? Shit.

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