Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh, the comedy

I am feeling much less bone-tired right now, oddly because I went for a run. Runs are those things that always do you good, and no matter how much you know it's going to do you good, you are still surprised that after you got your tired, cranky ass out there to do it, you feel better. Go figure.

Anyway, today, I received in the mail....

A CREDIT CARD OFFER FROM WAMU!!!!!!! Apparently I can get a 0% fixed APR until 2010, with a great rewards program with lots of points and a non-trivial credit line! Sign me up! Sounds awesome!

I can't wait to mail it in and see what happens. Riiiiight. Oh, the comedy. I wonder if the Senior VP who signed the letter offering me this great deal even has a job anymore. The comedy is almost too much. I can't take it.

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