Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love Football

Is it weird that every week I look forward to football for the sole purpose of seeing how my ESPN Gridiron Challenge team is doing? I seriously can't wait, by Wednesday I'm itching for some GAMES!!! Ok, not the sole purpose, my other reason is to see if my hometown team kicks some ass. Which they did today.

Anyway, I already loved football before this, but my virgin year of playing this game has me hooked. Seriously.

This talk of football brings me to a related subject. Recently I met a girl who works for ESPN in their sports marketing department. I think this is basically the coolest job ever. I know I'm supposed to love computer science, but maybe I can figure out a way to do computer science research for ESPN? I don't know. I just think it's awesome.

Even MORE so because I felt a kinship with her. She was a very cute Asian girl busting it out in what I'm sure is a male-dominated industry/workplace. Half of the reason why I thought she was so awesome was because she had this job. I pictured her kicking ass and taking names on a daily basis, saying "Yeah, I work for ESPN. Put that in a pipe and smoke it....bitch!"

So, to the dickwads of the world who think pretty chicks can't do CS, I say, "Yeah, I'm getting a PhizzleDizzle in Computer Science. Put that in a pipe and smoke it....BITCH!"


Isis the Scientist said...

Dr. Isis LOVES football, but she prefers her to be of the collegiate variety.

Drugmonkey said...

Isis, why on earth would you want to watch a bunch of people who are basically horrible at executing their job? Now collegiate hockey, that's objectively better than the pro game. Footsballie? not so much.