Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Poetic Waxing, This Time about the Mr.

We have neighbors with an adorable little boy. Little boy is a toddler, not quite 2 years old. This little boy has taken quite a liking to the husband, despite the husband's general lack of interest in or experience with children. The little boy trusts and is totally relaxed and familiar with Mr. PhizzleDizzle (as he is with me, though it's slightly less surprising).

This morning, the mother of said little boy knocked and asked if Mr. PhizzleDizzle could give his expert medical opinion on whether little boy needed stitches, because little boy had just fallen and hit is lip, which was exceedingly fat and had bled for a while. I adore this little boy and felt so bad for him and his big fat lip. Anyway, little boy is so comfortable with Mr. PhizzleDizzle that he actually didn't move and allowed the husband to touch his mouth and pull on his cheek a little to look inside his mouth to examine. He didn't fuss or cry, turn away, or seem to give any indication that he was afraid, nor that Mr. PhizzleDizzle hurt him, despite the fact that he was inspecting his big boo-boo. That's how gentle, sweet, and wonderful Mr. PhizzleDizzle is. Little boy trusts him that much.

Talk about a melting hearts. Both of them do.

Say it together now, AWWWWWWWWWWW.


ScientistMother said...

There is something about men being good with kids that is just wonderful to watch. That was very very sweet post, though I have NO understanding of your previous one. But I do get loving something in your work

PhizzleDizzle said...

I used to have a poster in college called L'enfant, a picture of a super hooooooot shirtless dude holding a newborn. It was an awesome poster. That kind of thing does it for me, even though I'm not a baby-lover, I don't know why....:)

here's a link to the pic: