Sunday, October 26, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones'

I generally don't care about "stuff" as much as the next girl, well, because I'm pretty damned abnormal. And because it's easy to not care about stuff when everyone around you doesn't care either. And is a guy. And is a big nerd.

So, things like the latest Dooney and Bourke bag or whatever are just things I don't give a shit about.

However, lately I have been feeling a bit "behind" because I'm still freakin' in school, and my best friends from college have been working since we graduated. They both just bought homes with their hubbies, and now are three-entity families (married couple + adorable dog). All of these things are recent developments, the marriages, the dogs, and the homes. Suddenly, I'm like, when are we going to have a home? When can I get a dog? I so miss my dog at home but university housing of course does not allow pets.

Anyway, I think the answer is about five years from now, or some far off date like that.

Sigh. I'm so behind. I guess I don't really care, we are totally on different life tracks, but lately I've been going to visit them and I feel like a child with my University housing and them with their fabulous titles/deeds. I guess I am a child, in certain ways, but I guess that has its perks too. Grad school forevah!!!!


ScientistMother said...

It totally sucks not being able to keep up with the Jones..but eventually you'll be kicking their ass! :)


Candid Engineer said...

I am behind too. As are almost all academics. At least you are in good company. :)