Monday, September 15, 2008

Vending Machine Thought Process

So, I am graduate student (not for long!!!!) and this means I don't make any money. So today, I get the 4pm munchies. Bad. I'm STARVING but I don't want to leave the building to get food and least of all do I want to spend a lot of money. On top of that, I am semi-health conscious semi-regularly, and today is one of those days I don't feel like clogging my arteries with cholesterol and stuffing my face with fat in food form.

So, I hit the vending machine, considering my options. Wow - there is a clif bar! That would seriously hit my hunger in the gut with some reasonable amount of nutrition as well, score! Except, damn, it's 2 bucks. I don't even have 2 bucks. I have a single dollar.

Next, I begin looking at all the packages and seeing how many ounces of food there are. I am trying to get the most ounces/$ so that I can maximize my sense of fullness. At the same time, foods consisting mostly of sugar are nixed because of the likelihood of crashing in an hour.

I notice the Cheetos and the Fritos are both TWO ounces. That's a lot more than the other non-candy/cookie options. Nice. But they are SO bad for you.

Suddenly, I notice bag of Cheezits with the words "3 oz. bag!" emblazoned across the top. THREE ounces of food for...yes, only 1 dollar!!!! And somehow, whether it be true or not, I mentally consider Cheezits not as bad for you as Cheetos or Fritos, so I am truly satisfied with spending my dollar on a bigass bag of Cheezits.

What a good day :).

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