Thursday, January 29, 2009


On my little gmail webclips, I saw this link.

I thought - what...a...JOKE.

Naturally, I went to the website and it's all flash, no substance. It's a pretty website, but basically there is NO CONTENT. All it basically says is "give us money and Sarah can continue to find creative ways to fuck things up." There are basically two pages. One page is a "about us page" which is a bunch of rhetoric garbage.

Another page of FAQs has only 4 questions, and consists of Sarah Worship and rhetoric.

It's a joke. There is a "contact us" page and I almost want to email and say, "You're kidding right?"

Bah. I wish she would GO THE FUCK AWAY.


Ambivalent Academic said...

I find this interesting: "SarahPAC -- Sarah Palin's Official PAC"

and then:

"Paid for by SarahPAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee."

What does this mean -- does she even support it? I mean I guess she's not a candidate right now but what? Is this just a bunch of weirdos who are enthralled by here and are still rabidly invested in getting this woman into some kind of leadership position? I don't get it.

And there is absolutely zero content on the page. Not even the FAQ page. They don't even tell you what the "PAC" in SarahPAC stands for. (I figured it out but it was not readily apparent.)

But hey, they've got good graphic design so why wouldn't you want to give them some $$$$.

Generally indicative of the woman herself. Great surface image but completely vapid.

Silver Fox said...

My thoughts, also: how can you tell the PAC is related to her at all? I don't know rules for setting up PAC's. Hopefully, one can't set one up and then just keep all the money.

On the other hand, maybe that's what I should do for my next job! Anyone for SFPAC?

Ambivalent Academic said...

Seriously, Silver Fox. Is this really how it works? Set up a website that asks people for money?

Shit! What have I been doing all these years?

But then I am not so wacky-ass belligerently and willfully ignorant as Ms. Palin, so it's unlikely that I could drum up such a rabid fan-club to give me all their money in the first place.

*sigh* Sometimes integrity blows.

PhizzleDizzle said...

PACs in general can be pretty dirty. Basically, they were invented to kind of get around campaign finance limits, because they're just an organization not *officially* affiliated with anyone. So they can take money and do ANYTHING and candidates can stay clean.

SwiftBoat Veterans for Truth is a PAC. Then again, so is MoveOn, which I generally don't mind supporting.

Either way, I don't give money to websites that have only 2 pages, which basically say, "give me money." Even more - I don't give money to Sarah Palin. I might give money to Planned Parenthood *on behalf* of Sarah Palin ;), but not to her PAC. That's foshizzle.

Mr. Natural said...

I had a similar idea SF. I started a BANK thinking maybe I could get some of those fancy BO monies. Maybe it will just take a while for it to piss-n-trickle down to my little bank.

Oh yea. The REASON sp's little pac website is so lame? Aw c'mon, guess!