Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year of the Ox Progress Items

I was inspired by Psych Post Doc to have a list of things I want to keep regular progress on for this year, and I put them in a widget to the right. I need to hold myself accountable!

1) Thesis: 1896 words for chapter 1!!!
2) Running 10 miles/week: haven't run this week :(.
3) Doing a pullup: Just made this goal, done nothing yet.
4) 30 pushups continuously: I could do this in 8th grade without breaking a sweat - like to do it again, and so I just made this again. Haven't done anything yet.
5) Upgrading wardrobe: Got my hawt new Naughty Monkeys


Ambivalent Academic said...

That's awesome Phizz. I should do the same.

Hermitage said...

I sprained a muscle reading 'running 10 miles/week.' Put that behind a cut or something, the shit's dangerous!

Eugenie said...

Ooooo. Good idea. Heck I'd go toe-to-toe with you on the running bit.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Heh, hermie - i'm guessing you don't like exercise much :).