Wednesday, January 21, 2009

JLK and the Phizzle

Through fortuitous circumstances, JLK and I met up for margaritas and Mexican food this evening.

In some ways, I approached the evening almost like a first date from an online dating service. You have a sense of a person that is entirely electronic, and you know they have a sense of you, and you're unsure of how you'll come across IRL, even if you're sure it will turn out fine.

As I got ready to leave the house, I had ridiculous thoughts like, "I've blogged so much about my hair. Does my hair look bad? I hope it doesn't look bad." Or, "I've blogged about how smokin' hot I think I am. What if she thinks I'm on crack?" It was actually quite funny, in hindsight. I think this results from the fact that I have never actually dated anyone from an online dating service, and I've been with Mr. PhizzleDizzle so long that the anticipation of meeting someone new (even under totally platonic terms) has a really foreign feel for me.

Anyway, so I'm about 5 min. late, which I feel bad about. I hate being late. But sometimes I am, and I should stop doing that, especially when I'm meeting someone for the first time. At any rate, Miss JLK was lovely and hawtt. We had a most excellent meal in which we discussed many interesting topics at length, and I find her just as flippin' awesome IRL as online. Smokin' hot, articulate, and fun, with a nice laugh :). We had a great time. You know you're jealous. :)

Thanks JLK!!


JLK said...


I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING!!! I said to my husband, "It was like a really great first date, except it wasn't a date!"

Even though it's 2am and I shouldn't be up right now for any reason, I'm going to go post my piece at my blog!

Psych Post Doc said...

Sounds like fun! I love margaritas and Mexican.

Professor in Training said...

That sounds hilarious. Glad you two had a great time.