Monday, January 26, 2009

All About Eve

I just finished watching All About Eve, which I TiVOed recently. I have heard so much about this movie and so I decided to just watch it already, even though usually old movies are not my thing.

Let me just say - this was a really really good movie.

It always surprises me how much I enjoy character-driven movies, movies that about about people and what happens to them, not about events and what people do to react to it. Character-driven pieces are really nearly extinct today, ones that really captivate you on account of the *people*, not on account of the "omg what's gonna happen next????"

I can't explain what it was about this movie, but the acting was really just...I just kept watching it. At one point Mr. PhizzleDizzle turned on some music in another room and it drove me crazy! Most movies I watch these days, I can half pay attention, have my laptop on my lap surfing the internet, and maybe even have music in the other room and I still can follow along.

Not so with All About Eve. I wanted to hear every word. It was black and white, without an excessively imposing score, so it was really all about the acting and the words.

Really, I recommend it. Check it out, if you've never seen it. Really captivating.


Jazinator said...

I agree. I am trying to watch AFI's 100 Greatest movies and I felt that was one of the best.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Oh, me too! For some reason though, I just can't get excited about Citizen Kane, even though I know it's supposed to blow my hair back - I don't know why. But maybe when I watch it I will like it, as I did All About Eve.

So you started the meme - nice! I liked it :).

Jazinator said...

Oh cool, Yea I have been keeping track of my list and commenting on the movies on my website - My wife won't let me watch Citizen Cane until we watched all the other movies so that has a while to wait.

Glad you like the meme, I was tracking it to see how far it got when I came across your site.

PhizzleDizzle said...

oh wow, you really are watching them all. for me it's more just a hazy goal in my head.

another movie i'm not gung-ho about watching, for some reason, is casablanca, but seeing your review of it makes me think i should give it a fighting chance.

Jazinator said...

Yea I'm a little anal about my lists (you can find a lot of them on the site). And I did enjoy Casablanca, not your typical romance story. A lot of them I have suprisingly enjoyed although I'm not looking forward to 2001. I heard it was incredibly dull.