Monday, February 2, 2009

In which I declare Rush Limbaugh to be a DOUCHEBAG

Read this.

It makes the Republican Party even more pathetic in my eyes than it was before. Which is saying a lot.

But seriously - I do have *some* conservative ideals, however, it is my opinion that the best of those ideals have been totally hijacked and bastardized by the GOP. Personal responsibility doesn't mean shit to the GOP (unless you're poor - then you're responsible, not only for your own actions, but for being poor). Neither does fiscal conservatism (though in times like now, I do believe in spending from the top to spur the movement of money through the economy).

Bottom line: The Republican Party sucks, is pathetic, and Rush Limbaugh is the scum of the earth. It does my heart good to see them floundering as they are, and to see them groveling at the knees of someone so disgusting as Limbaugh. That's a losing team right there, and they can't even get that through their thick heads. Yes, the 20-some% of people who STILL think Bush did a good job might love you, that isn't a good political strategy.

But don't mind me. Carry on, GOP. Carry on.


Gail said...

As a completely unbiased, outside observer, I do have to admit that McCain was a very gracious loser. A few politicians here in Canada could learn a thing or two from him on that front. That's where my knowledge of the present-day republicans ends :)

PhizzleDizzle said...

I suppose it could seem that way, seeing as he didn't throw a fit, and he did concede...but that's generally the way it is here (with the exception of 2000, and rightfully so).

But suffice it to say, I think the GOP is in trouble. But that's ok with me.

I don't know much about Canadian politics though, aside from what I've read on the blogs of Canadian science bloggers :).