Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hair Update

Yesterday, in an elevator in nearby Big Big City, a random girl told me she loved my haircut.

That's good news :).

So, the $75 cut is holding up well, I like how it doesn't crowd my ears, and how easy it is to wash/dry. The only thing is, I'm supposed to go buy some hair product for it, and I went all googly eyed at the hair product area of the grocery store yesterday. I never buy hair products, and I walked past that aisle so I thought I'd just go grab some, but I was totally confused by all the catch phrases, buzz words, brands, and target audiences. Pomade, Wax, Cream, Gel. Bed Head, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Biosilk. Curly hair, Straight hair, Hold, Straightener, Spritzer, oh my GOD what the hell is all this? I got confused and left. Normally, I use whatever is cheapest (currently Suave) and brush my hair once a month or so. So yeah.

Oh well.

In short, the short hair is cute, fun, and sassy, and a little bit more work.


Dr. J said...

That's good news!!

I'm very sensitive about my hair. I've never really been happy with it, maybe I should invest in a $75 haircut? I'm on the verge of dying it to get rid of the unbearable amount of grey...there are really polarised opinions on this though. People either tell me I definitely should do it or definitely shouldn't ("it looks distinguised", yes but I don't want to be old enough to be distinguished just yet!!!).

JLK said...

What kind of product did they tell you to get? Gel, mousse, straightener, etc.?

If you tell me what it's supposed to do I can make a recommendation for what to buy and then you won't have to get a headache in the styling section of the store.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Dr. J - hair dying is a personal decision, I'd imagine, do what you want to do! I've always been not THAT sensitive about my hair, so I generally take fairly big risks with it - it always grows back, after all :).

JLK - they told me to get "curl enhancing lotion" even though I don't have curly hair. She said it was really important that it say "lotion" on the bottle and have the same texture as like, hand lotion. I think the Redken version was "Outshine" but I didn't see that at the store.

Gail said...

Wow, you are describing me about five months ago. I still haven't completely figured out how to style it (I'm the type that doesn't even wear any makeup), but I'm working on it! I also hate how many different hair products there are. So far I just bought some wax at the hair salon, as suggested by my hair dresser. I suspect it was pretty expensive, but I hope to be able to buy the same thing somewhere else once it's done. I figure if I've made it this far, you can too! :)

JLK said...

I gotcha covered, PD.

Find defining system by Matrix, the contouring cream. It comes in a bright green jar:

I own it, and I don't really have curly hair either. But it works pretty well and doesn't make your hair greasy or sticky. It kind of smells like watermelon jolly ranchers. It also lasts forEVER.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Thanks JLK!!! I do NOT like greasy or sticky, but a bit of hold would be nice. I'll check it out. :)

Ambivalent Academic said...

I say if you like it as is (and are not currently putting any product on it), then skip the product. I usually like my cut better after I've washed out whatever gunk they put in it and just let it air dry.

Congrats on your new 'do!