Monday, March 2, 2009

Year of the Ox Progress: Weeks 4/5

Again, I neglected to do this last week. If you follow this blog, then it's not hard to guess why - but things are calmer now! Hooray!

1) Write Thesis by June 1 - I have not written a single word in a while - busy doing other things and worrying about other things.

2) Run 10 miles/week - I think I should just forget the running thing. But in week 4 I did swim 1250 yards and this week I did yoga, again. And I'm beat up.

3) 30 pushups continuously - Yoga helps with this, fo sho.

4) Do a pullup - ditto.

5) Update Wardrobe to be grownup :) - Part of this is maintaining my sassy new haircut. Which reminds me, it's been nearly 8 weeks now and I need to get it cut again.


Jazinator said...

Yea, I started to do this on my blog as well since I saw you doing it.

ScienceGirl said...

Oh no, don't give up running!

P.S. Sassy cuts require a picture ;)