Saturday, March 7, 2009

Knives and Chopin

So here's how I know I'm not right.

I've fucking sliced each of my hands with a kitchen knife in the last 3 days. One slice on my left, one on my right. One during cook prep, and another when washing. Both careless. Fortunately, I'll live, but I RARELY cut myself. The first could have been avoided with a sharper knife (it slipped), and the second I guess I'm glad it wasn't super sharp because then I would have lost my thumb. Bah.

However, currently I am listening to Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin and that makes everything better. Chopin was such a fucking rockstar. I love that shit.

I was going to end my post here, but I've decided to continue. I've had a kind of relaxing few days, Mr. Phizz has gone to see his dad and I'm at home. I've worked, vegged, worked, and am even Roomba-ing the family room floor. I'm going to make a list of the things that have made me feel better in the last day or two.

  1. Popcorn. I popped my own popcorn, and it was nice. I didn't have brewer's yeast (sorry AA!) but I did manage to pop it myself and it was nice.
  2. Making my own potato wedges with cheese and chives. Man, that was nice too. I don't understand how I'm not fat. Oh well.
  3. Watching Harry Potter on TV. I loved Harry Potter. The books so much more than the movies, but still. Emma Watson was such a remarkable find, in my mind. She was a freakin' adorable little girl, and she's a presence. I couldn't keep my eyes off that smarty-pants clever chick, she kicks ass! It made me want to read my books all over again, but I know that's a Very Bad Idea. I basically wouldn't do anything but read for the next week. That would be bad.
  4. Piano music by Frederic Chopin. Like I said, Chopin is a fucking rockstar.
  5. Our Roomba. Thank you Roomba, for vacuuming.
  6. Hot Tea.
  7. Hot showers.
  8. Coffee, sipped at leisure.
  9. Stephen Colbert.
  10. Jon Stewart.
If you ever need to take a breather, I suggest all of these things.


Psych Post Doc said...

I 100% agree with Harry Potter, Drinking coffee at leisure and John Stewart.

ScienceGirl said...

I want a Roomba!

PhizzleDizzle said...

PPD: Colbert can be hit or miss, but that day I watched an episode that had me rolling on the floor - his Doom Bunker episode. It was awesome. Stewart though, is always hit. Hit hit hit. I love that man.

SG: The Roomba is seriously awesome. My MIL can be a bit of a Luddite, and was very skeptical about the Roomba until it picked up a crapton of dirt from her house that she had just vacuumed two days prior. After *that* she wanted to keep it instead of giving it to Mr. Phizz for his birthday :). Let's say she was convinced of its awesomeness.

Jazinator said...

Maybe you shouldn't listen to someone called "Chopin" when cutting things and maybe you won't cut yourself. :-)

Candid Engineer said...

I am (was?) trained in classical piano, and Chopin has always been my favorite composer. And my favorite piece to play is his nocturne in E minor, Op. 72, No. 1.

PhizzleDizzle said...

CE - I can't play much chopin, but I love to listen to it. You should release a recording! Love to hear it :).