Monday, March 9, 2009

The power of one

It's no secret that I feel all screwy and discombobulated lately.

So when Gail posted this great video on her blog, I checked it out. And you should too. It's really, really great.

I actually sobbed watching it. I think it's a sign of my bizarre and hyperemotional mental state, but it's really worth watching. I cried, a lot, watching it. It's good.

What can you do to make a difference? Think globally, act locally.


Mrs. CH said...

Very sweet video - thanks for sharing.

Sorry you're going through such a rough time right now - seems like it's wide spread in the blogosphere :( Sending you lots of hugs!

PhizzleDizzle said...

You know MCH, I think what the collective blogosphere needs is SPRING. Then maybe we will all feel a little better.

I saw in one of your comments on another blog that you are also taking a step back from the blogosphere...come back soon! Hope all is well with your thesis writing and stuff.

Mrs. CH said...

Spring would definitely make things at least a little better for all of us. It's just that time of year!

I just haven't had many relevant blog-thoughts lately that aren't repetitive, especially with being sick. So, I might hold back on the number of posts I do. Or maybe I'm just in a blah mood and I'll feel better tomorrow!

The lab pixie said...

If it makes you feel less alone, I got all teary eyed and sniffley watching the video. And the same thing happened watching Oprah earlier. I was very tired and recovering from a pretty severe headache, so I am chalking it up to that.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Surely that holiday is any day now?