Thursday, March 26, 2009

So yeah

No one I know says I should defend before going on this internship. These are all people who are on my side too, people who look out for me. So....yeah. Since several of these people are also on my committee, it looks like....I'm not defending soon. This year, yes. But


Ambivalent Academic said...


If you are ready, then pressure them. Do NOT get stuck in the interminable "maybe next month" labyrinth. I have heard of people who enter this holding pattern and were never seen again.

On the other hand, if you need more time, then this is great for you.

Word Verification = "thess"...thesis, misspelled.

Mrs. CH said...

:( I agree with AA - just make sure you're not waiting only because they're telling you too. If you feel ready, then push it...if not, then you have some time to work with :)

The lab pixie said...

I haven't had alot of blogging time this last week or so, and I had to go back to your jobs post to find out what this intership entails.

It really is a great great super opportunity!

I third the above comments. Don't let them delay and delay. As soon as it is ready, get on their case about defending. Otherwise, I think there will always be this tiny stress in the back of your mind. Like you'll be free, but still have an electronic tag on you. Strange analagy, but you get what I mean?

PhysioProf said...

Defend your thesis. Get it over with so you can move on to the next phase of your career without anything hanging over you.

Silver Fox said...

If they are saying sometime this year, get a committment date from them, get it all set up with everyone on yr committee, and if you are ready, do it before you start the internship. Like PP says, then you will be ready for everything in front of you.

Good luck!