Monday, February 9, 2009

damn it!!!

The Phizz was all ready to throw out some serious work today, when she got to her office only to realize she had forgotten her laptop charger. So I have 1:25 before I gotta leave and find a place where I can get some juice. i.e. go home. Damn it!!!


ScientistMother said...

that suck ass. though I am surprised you don't have a separate charger for home and work

PhizzleDizzle said...

I know, I should just buy one already...but they are so damned expensive! I don't want to spend $80 just for a charger. Maybe when I become gainfully employed I will...who knows. Sigh.

DNLee said...

I hate it when I leave behind something important like a thimb drive or folder with important notes, or my orange highlighter. can't do a darn thing without that highlighter or post-its. Post-its of every size, sort, and color are also imperative. Without those sticky papers, my day is shot.