Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parents In-Law

It appears that I am not the only chick in the blogosphere to have been whisked off to a waterfront recharging station this weekend, but the difference is we went to go stay with my parents-in-law. Who are lovely people, but it's definitely different than being whisked off to a romantical weekend.

My MIL is a lovely lady, but she is very funny to me. She is a science teacher, but very unscientific. For example, here is a very typical exchange:

MIL: "I am sure it is not X. It is not X."

Me: "Why? How do you know?"

MIL: "I don't know. It just...you know. I am just sure of it."

Of course, I cannot then say: "That makes absolutely no sense, is illogical, and goes against scientific principles. Please try again."

We actually have a fairly good relationship and I do not want to ruin it because of her lack of logic, especially since her lack of logic thus far has had no effect on my life except for "interesting" conversation. So, I keep mum and then I tell Mr. PhizzleDizzle that his mother is funny, and one of the reasons I love him is because he agrees.

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