Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking the Next Step

I have a really hard time sometimes taking the next step with research. Once I get my claws into a process that will take time to complete, I can go at it like white on rice. But if I wind down a step, and then have to start something else, it can literally take me days to actually sink my teeth into it.

There are two next steps that I need to take now, and I am dragging my feet on both of them. One is, revamping my thesis proposal to become an actual THESIS. eek. Talk about intimidating. No wonder I am sucking at getting started. The other is revamping some experiments so that I can make them slightly more precise/tighter for inclusion into said thesis. Sigh. Someone kick me in the ass and get me going.

On a totally other note, today I was reading ScienceWomen, and I was pointed to a blog by a Dr. Isis, and I have decided I have a girl crush on Dr. Isis. Not only does she share my adoration of sexy shoes, particularly of the pointed variety, but she is funny. In the near future I would like to be the Dr. Isis of Computer Science. However, one way in which Dr. Isis and I differ is that I like to get my shoes from Zappos, which offers free shipping for purchases and returns. But she recommends shoes.com, which has the same delightful perks, which I will have to try.

P.S. In regards to my last post - I fixed the problem and my results look good now, like expected. Hooray for calmness in the face of calamity. I spoke to my advisor about my momentary panic because it could have meant the flushing of my entire PhD, and he said basically, "yeah, it would have." So it's extremely good that it was a configuratory (I like to make up words sometimes) mistake and not a fundamental flaw to the work. And thus, the winddown mentioned above, because this piece is kinda done.


Isis the Scientist said...

PhizzleDizzle, if you have been reaing some of Dr. Isis's previous posts, you know that am known at work for occasionally losing my junk with a student who is not "getting it done." I always mean well, but I am who I am.

With that in mind, consider this the ass kicking you need. You can't be a domestic and laboratory goddess unless you are willing to take on the laboratory part with guns ablazing. Get your self back in the lab and lay that shit down. Otherwise, you're just some chick in cute shoes.

That thesis won't write itself, will it?

And welcome to the blog. I am very happy to have you.

Dr. Isis

Candid Engineer said...

I would also suggest endless.com, which offers free next day shipping and returns, plus some kind of price guarantee. The selection is also excellent.

And welcome to you, new science blogger. :)