Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America's Next Top Model -- Hannah

So, I watch America's Next Top Model. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do. It's a bit "cult of Tyra" for me, but damn, she's a smart lady and a good businesswomen so more power to her.

Anyway, so I watched this last week's episode and DAMN is Hannah ridiculous!!! I'm one of the more...relativistic people I know. For example, if someone is a total dickwad, I will sometimes say, "It's not really their fault because their mother never hugged them" or some crap like that. I once drove cross-country and when I really experienced South Dakota and Montana, etc., I was suddenly like, ok, I understand why God, country, family are the most important things here -- because there is NOTHING ELSE AROUND. But seriously, it gave me a better understanding to red staters and I stopped thinking they were aliens and started thinking they were products of the diverse physical and economic landscape of this magnificent nation. Wow, talk about a tangent.

Anyhoo, the point is I can usually consider someone a good person despite evidence to the contrary because I can rationalize some reason for their stupidity.

But Hannah. Oh, Hannah. I felt bad for this small bird when she first got on the show, and she couldn't stopped saying, "See, I'm from Alaska so...." It totally reminded me of "This one time, at band camp...." She wouldn't stop, and I thought, oh, this child would be eaten alive by the modeling industry...So, I sort of feel bad for this little girl because she doesn't know shit and she doesn't even know she doesn't know shit.

But this past episode, she likened the girls confronting her about being a small-minded little hick (I'm not prejudiced, I've just never seen black people/transgender/bisexual people before and therefore I'm afraid - and you can't blame me for it), to GANG RAPE. Is she fucking kidding? All that other shit she said I could look past and just think, she's just sooooo naive; but this....this I found offensive. Anyone who's been gang raped should officially be allowed to smack her upside the head. She just demonstrated, even further, how little she knows about anything. She should just shut up and absorb. There is a lot more to the world than Fairbanks, Alaska and if she's against/afraid of/doesn't want to go near the rest of it....well, then she should quit modeling and just go back.

Hannah, I can't decide if I want you off the show so I don't have to see your ridiculous earnest little face saying some ignorant-ass shit, or if I eagerly await some sort of miraculous reality-TV turnaround in which you become best friends with Isis and begin a lesbian relationship with Elina. Who is hot, by the way.

Maybe next week I'll have decided.

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