Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Blogosphere

I had read about the "blogosphere" in the media before, and this word always baffled me. But I have FemaleScienceProfessor to thank for helping me understand this world.

First, I found FSP through some google searching on some subject I don't remember, which led me to her wonderful site. I began reading it religiously through trusty Google Reader. Then, one day I found on Google Reader the "Discover" feature, which I had noticed before but never used.

When I clicked on it, there then was a long list of "chicks and science" blogs for my perusal. So I began to read a number of them. Then, I decided maybe I wanted to enter this "blogosphere" myself, which I did. And in recent days, I have discovered even more members of the "chicks and STEM" blogosphere, whom are all interesting and have significant things to say about the plight of our sex in this world and have been added to my "science chicks" blog list.

Basically, I am glad I am not alone. And maybe also glad that I have no future PhizzleDizzles yet. They sound like a lot of work.

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Isis the Scientist said...

This is all well and good, CwPD, as long as you remember that Dr. Isis is the best