Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's 7am and I am going to bed

The couch, rather...I don't feel like disturbing the husband or getting into pajamas.

And I'm still not sure if this is going to work out. Sigh.


Ambivalent Academic said...

I don't know how you do it. I become a werewolf if I stay up until the wee (or worse, not-so-wee) hours of the morning.

It will work out...if not like you're planning, then some other way. Persevere. Make sure you take some time to go for a walk or something, or go for coffee with a CS friend. I had the most amazing breakthrough the other day bc lab friend and I were "forced" to get away from the bench for two days to attend a symposium. We were sitting around bitching about our stumbling blocks and we BOTH had an AHA! moment...just bc we got to continue to hash things out rather than breaking off the conversation to tend experiments.

I don't know and probably wouldn't understand what's getting in your way right now, but a day off almost always works wonders for stumbling upon a creative solution. Sending good karma your way, and hoping you get to enjoy some decent sleep in the near future.

PhizzleDizzle said...

It's over....I had a time deadline and I think it's over, so that's it for me. I just cried for 10 minutes in disappointment.

It was a struggle because you're right, I really needed some time away, but becuase of the time crunch, I couldn't take it, so I was in the horrible conundrum.

Sigh, I can't decide whether to drink, go shopping, sleep, or cry some more.

Ambivalent Academic said...

I say do them all...though sleeping maybe isn't concurrent with the other three. I'm sorry you're so disappointed. Sad for you. :(

The lab pixie said...

I understand your sadness, and I'm so sorry for you, becuase you do sound gutted. If the time deadline is truly over, and it does sound like you've been working like a Trojan lately, perhaps try and give yourself a little bit of time off. Even if it's just a concious decision to not work of an evening. It's amazing what a couple of hours brain-break will do for you.

And while you do take some time off, totally indulge yourslf. And blame it all on the PhD. Whilst telling yourself the entire time that you thoroughlly deserve it.

Hope you have gotten some sleep by now. Tip for future, just work in pyjamas. I'm pretty much never out of mine these days. I just shower and put on new ones. Brilliantly comfy for working long hours. So you look like a slob. At least it's comfortable.