Thursday, April 23, 2009


Mr. Phizzle just told me I had to exercise today. I basically told him to go fuck himself and give me the last piece of pizza.

Except that I know he's right. I really do. I need to go take a kickboxing class or something, except that I'm full now and feeling petulant and ready to punch something, as long as I stay with my ass glued to the couch doing it..


I need to remember what the Buddhist sentiment - life is not supposed to be easy. It's hard, so just fucking deal with it.

Want to know what set me off today?

1) Experiments coming along slowly. Finally got a full set of results for one experiment today. Results bad. SHIT.

2) Watched a segment on the History Channel about Ben Franklin and what a freakin badass he was. I am in awe of his rockstar status. Made me feel bad about myself, that I suck so hard compared to BFranklin (yeah, talk about being mentally meta-stable...THAT set me off? Ridiculous).

3) Read my alumni magazine from ILU and realized that major feature articles are all talking about how fresh graduates can't find jobs. Greeeeaaaaattt.


microbiologist xx said...

Maybe you could punch Mr. Phizzle in the arm. If he is next to you on the couch it would meet both of your requirements. You know, in the spirit of taking one for the team. :)

chall said...

oh, I do think he has a point ;) I punch the bag 3 times a week and kick something too. It is awesome. The best thing for me is that I can't think of work or anything else but to focus on the exercise and work through it and really punchpucnhpunch and repeat since if I falter I break the pattern and might get hit back :)

that said, there are many time when I would rather be on the couch....

Good luck with the experiments and yes, I need that too since all I have done today turned out in a smear... yes... all the pcrs are smears?? seriously?!=!=!

Candid Engineer said...

It's pretty crazy what can sometimes throw up into bad moods. I, frankly, this it's hilarious that watching a documentary on frickin Ben Franklin made you feel bad about yourself!

Hope you're feeling better today.

PhizzleDizzle said...

In a minor compromise, I did yoga for about 15 minutes and felt better.

Today I am in a (still stressed) but more hopeful mood. Reading CE's comment made me laugh. Seriously, it is kind funny that I got all down on myself comparing myself to the man on the $100 bill. Really funny actually. Hahahahahaha.

JLK said...

Ben Franklin was a womanizing lush - remember that the next time you let him make you feel bad about yourself.

OR, alternatively, you could get wasted and find yourself a French hooker.

Either way...

Juniper Shoemaker said...

Alumni magazines can be real downers at sensitive times in one's life. Beware. :)

Hermitage said...

Hmph, I would have exercised all right. Using Mr. Phizzle as my punching bag! Hehe, jk jk. But if anyone gets between me, my Nutella, and some trashy television it is ON beeches.