Saturday, July 11, 2009


Is anyone else enjoying the Tour de France?

Dude, it's so awesome. I'm loving it.

I want to see some fucking hammers dropping as the mountain stages continue. Yeah!!!


Professor in Training said...

This is the first time in years that I've had access to the TdF coverage on tv so I'm not leaving the couch until they reach Paris!

PhizzleDizzle said...

PiT, so out of curiosity, here's what I want to know - do you find the coverage different here than in Land Far Away?

Clearly here there is some serious extra Lance coverage than in other countries, but like when the Olympics come around, I have heard things like, "I only watch Canadian Olympic coverage because the American coverage sucks", or substitute Canadian with BBC, or whatever, depending on where I was living at the time.

What's your opinion on the coverage? Are you watching on Versus or a network channel?

Professor in Training said...

I'm watching it on Versus here and for the most part it's exactly the same as it is at home, particularly the commentary with Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin. The obsession with Armstrong is universal and the only major difference at home is that our network station would have their own reporters in France and they interview the riders from our country after the stages as well as the biggies like Lance. A lot of our guys do really well anyway so I've seen them interviewed on tv here too.

The Olympics are a whole other story and the coverage at home is tailored to the local interests. Americans visiting the land far, far away during that time would probably say they the coverage sucked in much the same way you indicated!

PhysioProf said...

Yeah! This is the most exciting Tour in years. The dynamic between Contador and Armstrong is fucking fascinating!

PhizzleDizzle said...

Who are you guys rooting for?

I can't help it, I'm rooting for Lance. Partially because I just find him really really good looking, always have.

PhysioProf said...

I'm rooting for Leipheimer, although he likely has no chance at all. If Bruyneel is ineffective at enforcing team discipline, Contador and Armstrong could beat the crap out of each other and ensure that neither of them has a chance to win.

PhysioProf said...

PhysioWife just suggested that maybe Armstrong will offer Contador a million bucks to work for him. Armstrong's certainly rich enough, and if he wins, the additional endorsement revenue value is surely worth more than that.

PhizzleDizzle said...

I like Levi too. Good guy.

I also read another conspiracy theory which said that Armstrong's "Team 'Tude" is to keep the focus on Contador, and in the end he's going to friggin explode and win.

Except that Contador probably wouldn't stand for that unless Bruyneel is really capable of nailing his balls to the wall.