Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello Peeps!!!

So I emerge from a house with no internet, and from a cold that knocked me flat - the first really, really, REALLY bad cold I've had in a long time. The kind of cold I hope I never get again because now that I'm a working woman, I can't afford to deal with that kind of inability to move.

This is my first post in what feels like a long time. Longer than it's been. So much has changed - I'm several times zones away from where I lived, and also from my husband. I'm living in new quarters. I don't have most of my stuff. Even Mr. Phizz has moved out of our old place and living somewhere else. Everything is discombobulated. I don't have a car.

How do I find mooring?

I find mooring with books. I found a book from a roommate's shelf and began to read. And read. And read. If you haven't read "Rhett Butler's People" and you loved Gone with the Wind, then go out, get the book, and read it. If you read "Scarlett" as the sequel to GWTW - forget it. We know it sucked. Replace it in your mind with this book. It was so wonderfully done. The author was selected by the Margaret Mitchell estate to write the authorized sequel, and I really think he did a fine job. It's not nearly as good as GWTW, but many parts evoke it very strongly, and I think it's just far and away a trillion times better than Scarlett. It's well worth reading.

I will try to catch up with everyone's posts. I am so behind.


Frozone said...

Hey Phizzle, good for you for making this internship happen!! It's quite a feat to get yourself relocated, when sick no less!

Silver Fox said...

Hello! Catching up on things, and glad for you about your internship and new job. Best wishes with all the adjusting you must be doing!

Liz said...

Books will never steer you wrong! Never. Old favorites, new possibilities, they're all welcomein my world. (Well, boring ones aren't.) I have never herd of "Rhett Butler's People," and so must go find it. GWTW is one of those books from my young teens that I read over and over again, always hoping the ending would somehow be different, crying at the miscommunication and lost opportunity for love. I never got into "Scarlett" and agree with your assessment.

I'm currently on a Laura Lippman kick, reading the Tess Monoghan detective stories, (set in Baltimore) in the fiction realm, plus whatever comes in on my hold list at the library. In my non-fiction, work-related realm, I've finished a good business book, "Take the E Out of Ego & GO!" It's about how making money should be fun and how to use your intuition to have that fun (and make money). Relationships can be tricky, but the book shows you how (in very fun stories, by the way)to get your own ego out of the way, and treat people with harmony. It's a great new perspective for me. As someone now working, you probably would like it too. Good luck on the internship!

Hermitage said...

Phizzle is BACK IN THE HAUS! w00t w00t1!!1!! ^^