Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am super excited about my new life but I have a 101 degree fever. Too much excitement I guess. Eck.

I will try to get to regularly blogging again soon, when I am more settled and not sick anymore.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Details :)

So, InternshipCity is really a lovely place, particularly in the summer months. It sure beats where I arrived from, which is place I really do not like. At all.

So I've been at work a week and they got the a-ok to hire someone, and of course I jumped at the opportunity. I am excited about the prospect of working here, very much so.

Of course, Mr. Phizz complicates things but that will not keep me from taking this job. I want OUT of where we were living. I can handle it and we can handle it. We are video-chatting right now. :)

The thing I've been wracking my mind most about is the negotiation process, but I think I'm doing a pretty good job. I am going to making literally buttloads of money that I don't know what to do with. It will be very exciting, coming off my grad salary. I went shopping today and bought shoes that were not on sale!!! ZOMG!!!!! Then I bought some tops that were super cute for work, because I am not dressing like a grad student for work, I will dress like a grown-up professional!!!

I am just really happy. This is a very very good fit for me. It is all working out. The only wrinkle is the situation with Mr. Phizz but we have such a rocking relationship that it will, again, work out. He's going to try to come sometime next year. It will be ok. Now that I'm here and he isn't, I realize how independent I can be and how I do not need him to feel alive. I am not co-dependent. I love him to death, but if he is not here, that does not mean I cannot be damned excited about this job offer and what I have managed to do for myself. I am going to build a kickass life here and when he comes we will live happily ever after.

And we will not be one of those couples where the wife follows the husband around where he goes. He is the best husband ever.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I have a full-time job offer!!!!!!!!!!

I am enjoying InternshipCity and I am just on cloud 9.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doing the Bullet Thing

  • I leave TODAY!!!!!!!!!! (corollary: AAAAAAAAAH) (2nd: corollary - also excited!)
  • I found out yesterday a girl I knew from my hometown just lost her newborn preemie, after one month. That....floored me. At that very moment I was looking outside my window into the park nearby and there were no less than 4 young mothers with their small children outside playing, and my heart ached for this girl.
  • The older I get, the more I realize how cruel the world can be. Somehow I managed to be shielded from tragedy my entire life until the last several years.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Leaving for my Internship

I leave in exactly 1 week. The closer it gets, the sadder I get about the prospect of leaving Mr. Phizz for the summer. I know it's only for a summer, and actually we've done this before, but not since we've been married....and I am just....sad!!

Recently I met a friend of Mr. Phizz's from the old days and she was telling us how she just got a TT job at Northeastern School. We were like, "great!!" She said the only bad thing is that her fiance just got a TT job at Deep Southern School. The plan is to take both of the jobs...and the beginnings of their marriage trying to get tenure at these two very different and quite far apart universities.

The whole thought just made me depressed. Is that what it comes to? When you have two high-flying individuals with separate career aspirations? I can do anything that's temporary, like on the order of months, but I could not decide to live apart from Mr. Phizz for 5-6 years. What happens if they both get tenure? What...happens?

How common is it for academic couples to just live apart for substantial parts of their lives, or for indefinite periods of time?

I will not live apart like that from Mr. Phizz. This summer, I can handle. But whatever happens I dont' think so.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm not really an open-sourcer myself, so I am really far removed from this brouhaha that's going on in the Ruby coding community. But I'm plugged in to the happenings on the inter-tubes, and apparently there was a big thing recently over a talk given at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference, which is a conference held in the Bay Area about a development platform called Ruby which is really useful and rapidly increasing in popularity.

This dude gave a talk where an analogy of databases:porn was made through the entire presentation, be-thonged women in numerous pictures included.

The kicker is, when some people (not all women) objected to the nature of the presentation....entire hordes of people said, "get over yourselves and get some sense of humor."

Since I'm really not involved in this community at all, I'm not going to say much more because I don't know anything about the players involved, but just reading about this from the sidelines makes me really sad.

Really? Really? This is your title page? Is this for real?

This wasn't even the only bare ass in this presentation. I think, given that I *do* have a good sense of humor, I might have been able to handle this title page, maybe, if I were at a journal club with a bunch of my friends only. MAYBE. Now that I think about it, actually probably not. But I know I would not be ok with seeing this at a conference, however edgy it is supposed to be. Sigh. Sigh Sigh. Imagine being in a room with a few hundred men, and a handful of women, and watching this talk. Wtf. I'm sad. So sad.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

As a person who lived near our nation's Southern Border, Cinco de Mayo was often a big deal when I was growing up. Not so much here in the Northeast, but maybe I'll have some tequila today anyway :).