Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cooool dork stuff.

Ok, so, I said would be gone a lot lately. However, I just found out about a great way to make it WAY easier to post when I come home.

So, how many of you have two different google accounts, one for your real life, and one for your blogger, and you hate how you can't be logged into both at the same time? I don't like having two browsers open so I can have both accounts because of the RAM consumption, so in the end, if I ever wanted to post, I would have to go to blogger.com, sign out of my "real life", sign into my new life, and then go back to my gmail so I could still have that going on. Then, I could continue and blog if I felt like it. Like I said yesterday, after coming home from a long day of work, that just seemed like too much.

But today, I found out about two apps that could allow you to log into TWO google accounts at once (among other things, but I won't get into those right now).

Basically, you can wrap one of your websites into another app, so that it appears like a separate desktop app. So now, you can have a "blogger app", where you are logged in at Phizz, and a gmail app, where you are logged in as "Real Me". When I want to post, I can just open Blogger App, and off I go! Wow, how easy! That little difference may cause me to post just SLIGHTLY more, and it may help those who want to make a very strong distinction between work and home life like me.

Now, if you want to get slightly more geekoid, you should read the next part. So...one thing I have been increasingly uncomfortable with is how when I browse the web, everything on the web seems to know shit about me. Like, how come when I go to CNN.com, it knows that 4 of my FB friends liked that article. How do you know who my friends are? Why is that information kind of "in the wild" on the browser instead of confined to whatever tab my facebook account is on? Why does that persist even when I close my FB tab? How come my FB suggests friends for me where I don't have any mutual friends with them, and are just random people I have emailed with once in gmail? How do they know who is on my gmail contacts list? Why does Linked In suggest people for me as well, people that I don't understand how they know about?

Well, it's because you probably clicked something like "remember me" or "keep me signed in" on things like your google account and your facebook account, so that basically means they know everything about where you go on the web and what you click, who you know, and who you're friends with. I don't like that. So that's when I found out about these tools I linked to above, so that you can have, basically a protected box around your accounts where can stay logged in but they won't follow you around the internet. There you go - your web safety/privacy tip of the day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

where is Phizz?

i haven't posted in 5 months. that's a long time.

i don't log into this account while i am at work. when i come home from work i am tired. the line between work and home is much more pronounced. when i come home, i do not want to be on my computer. i want to watch the real housewives of new jersey or read my library books and drink wine. i don't have much to say anymore either, because my working conditions are excellent.

who knew blogging could be hard? :) i will probably remain quite intermittent from now on. i only logged in today to delete all those freakin annoying spam comments that suddenly showed up in one of my posts. i had to delete 49 of them. suckdom. now i am going to read one of my library books and go to sleep.

good night peeps. hope all in the blogosphere are well.