Thursday, September 17, 2009


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to write your thesis while working full time.


I have the shortest fuse I have ever had in my life. The other day, when going to pick up Mr. Phizz from the airport, I called his airline to see the status of his flight. The stupid voice recognition didn't understand me, even though I was saying simple words like, "Yes." Finally, after a few foiled attempts to get the answers I wanted, I yelled "YES!!!!" so loudly that the sigproc filter on the other end detected that I was deranged and said, "I will transfer you to an agent immediately." I had heard rumors before that all you have to do to talk to a human is shout or curse, but this is the first time little old me ever got to that point.

More recently, I have found myself wanting to cry randomly. Just now, my advisor kindly told me to rest and take a break. I was so touched that I almost started to cry. I am sort of crying now. I am so tired.

I wanted to complain to someone, but Mr. Phizz is asleep and I was pacing around my room, holding back tears and frenetically trying to hold it together.

That's when I decided to blog. Thank you blogosphere, for being the receptable for my venting. I am sorry I haven't paid attention to any of you lately. I hope you understand.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have a defense date.

I will not be reading/commenting for a little while as a result.

I am stressed out.

I am excited.